Tunde Onakoya remains undefeated for 20 hours in chess, receiving over $26K in donations
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Chess champion, Tunde Onakoya demonstrates his strength in the Guinness World Record attempt, remains undefeated after a remarkable 20 hours.

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The founder of Chess in Slum Initiative Africa began his record-breaking attempt on Wednesday, April 17, and has triumphed over all adversaries, notably defeating New York’s National Chess Master, Shawn Martinez.

Tunde Onakoya regularly updates his followers on X regarding the ongoing progress and expresses gratitude for the overwhelming support received.

The chess master has reportedly received over $26,060 (over N30 million) in donations. His ongoing 58-hour chess marathon in Times Square, New York City, is broadcasting live via Tiltify.


Support from fans to Tunde Onakoya on his Guinness World Record Chess Marathon

Lincolneab stated: “If na for Nigeria you do this thing, dem fit say all your challengers are not worthy opponents say they are not actual chess players. 20 hours gone now and nobody don defeat you in their own game. I like how much you believe in yourself.”

NabelTech wrote: “Keep the fire burning champ!! I know records are meant to be broken, but Set it so good no one will attempt to break it.”

RitableP opined: “We are all here. “

Victory at last stated: “Boss, chess it out and bring it home.”

AdventurousAlec penned: “Keep it moving Tunde!!! Me and my team just donated for your cause. Much love.”

DavidSamso11264 said: “You can do it, I join millions to commend you on your quest to beat a Guinness world record of the longest chess marathon to set a new one by playing 58 hours unbeatable in chess and so far your performance has been astounding, we are rooting for you, my best wishes to you Tunde.”

Drmuzoic said: “Please, I have a question? Does losing any game affect the end result? “Is it the longest game without loss or just the longest game irrespective of if one is winning or losing?”