“Thieves broke into my shop but everything is intact” – Chizzy
Posted by badgeBusayo on 0

Reality star Chizzy [/b]recently revealed a startling incident involving his steel shop. In the wee hours of yesterday, thieves attempted to make off with valuables from his establishment.

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Taking to his Twitter page (now 'X'), Chizzy shared a video documenting the audacious break-in. The culprits entered through both the window and the bottom part of the shop, leaving a trail of attempted theft in their wake.

Remarkably, the thieves departed empty-handed, and Chizzy attributes this to a common saying among Igbo business owners— "Igbo men don't leave money in their shops." The reality star, with a touch of humor, recounted the incident on Twitter, stating, "Thieves broke into my shop last night. They thought an Igbo man was keeping money in his shop... these Ajah boys 😭😭😭. Everything was intact... they can't eat steel 😂😂😂😂."

Chizzy, reality star. source: Google

The accompanying Twitter post encapsulated the resilience of Chizzy's business, emphasizing, "Everything was intact... they can't eat steel 😂😂😂😂." The tweet reflects both the severity and the humorous perspective that Chizzy brought to the bizarre situation, showcasing his ability to find levity even in the face of an attempted burglary.

Chizzy's narrative, supported by visual evidence and his witty commentary, not only serves as an account of a daring break-in but also adds a layer of cultural insight into the cautious practices of some business owners, in this case, the belief that money is not stored in the shop overnight.

In sharing this incident, Chizzy not only highlights the security challenges faced by entrepreneurs but also provides a light-hearted take on an otherwise serious event, showcasing his resilience and ability to find humor in unexpected circumstances.