Teebillz criticized for emotional post to P. Diddy
Posted by badgeBusayo on 0

Teebillz is facing criticism from social media users after he posted an emotional tribute on Instagram dedicated to American artist P. Diddy. The backlash stems from recent revelations about P. Diddy's past behavior, including a video showing him physically abusing his former girlfriend, Cassie, which has resurfaced and gone viral.

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Last year, Cassie sued the rapper and reached a settlement out of court. However, newly obtained footage by CNN depicts P. Diddy violently assaulting Cassie in a hotel lobby, potentially leading to serious legal repercussions for the artist.


Teebillz, who has long admired P. Diddy and looked up to him for his dedication to fatherhood, expressed his disappointment in the post. He mentioned that he had always aspired to be like P. Diddy and credited him for certain achievements in his life. However, he emphasized that he teaches his children not to idolize anyone but God.

His heartfelt message sparked controversy, leading to a wave of criticism from netizens. In response, Teebillz posted a follow-up message, stating that he was deeply saddened to witness his mentor's downfall. He also expressed his protective instincts, asserting that if Cassie were his daughter, he would have taken extreme measures to protect her.

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