Rose May, sister of Real Madrid star David Alaba, expresses frustration: "People assume my family has money to spare"
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An Austrian-Nigerian singer Rose May Alaba delves into the challenges she encounters as the sister of Real Madrid star David Alaba.

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Rose May shared her insights exclusively with 88.5 UFM, shedding light on the misconceptions surrounding her family.

According to Rose, there's a prevalent belief that her family possesses unlimited wealth, and due to her surname's association with a renowned football player, they are often perceived as a financial resource.

She emphasized the difficulty in finding authentic individuals, as many assume they lack nothing.

Rose May Alaba, Sister of David Alaba

In her own words:

“To be honest, the hustle is real. Everybody wants to make money. And I feel like once people hear my last name because it’s connected to a big soccer player which is my brother [David Alaba], they see us as a bank. They think we grow money on trees. But that is not the case.

“It’s hard to find genuine people who see the vision. And I feel like you always have to believe in yourself first for them to actually help you.”