Rachel believes that requesting a DNA test from one's wife should be considered a criminal offense
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Reality TV star Rachel Edwards has sparked a debate on the legality of requesting a DNA test within marriage, suggesting that it should be considered a criminal offense.

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Responding to a query by internet user Abazz on the microblogging site X regarding DNA testing, Rachel expressed her firm stance on the matter, questioning the rationale behind a man asking his wife for a DNA test if he doesn't trust her.

BBNaija’s Rachel

In her statement, Rachel emphasized that trust is a fundamental aspect of marriage, and if a man lacks trust in his wife, he shouldn't have married her in the first place.

Netizens' Reactions:

Responses from netizens varied, with some echoing Rachel's sentiment, while others expressed contrasting views.

Abazz responded with a rhetorical question, emphasizing the significance of maternal sacrifice and the irony of doubting a mother's fidelity after childbirth.

Ten Man criticized Rachel's perspective, stereotyping BBNaija participants and questioning their intelligence.

Deyvxxd_ used a metaphor to convey the idea that questioning someone's actions reflects the emptiness within oneself.

itohan echoed Rachel's viewpoint, highlighting the breakdown of trust as a crucial issue in relationships.

The debate surrounding Rachel's statement underscores the complexity of trust and fidelity within marriage and relationships.