Queen shares video detailing challenges with Lord Lamba, emphasizes mother's preference for him to marry an Igbo woman
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An older video featuring Queen Mercy has surfaced, where she emotionally recounts her tumultuous relationship with Lord Lamba. The core issue revolves around Lamba's mother, who vehemently opposed his union with a non-Igbo woman.

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In the emotional footage, Queen tearfully describes the challenges she faced, highlighting a distressing incident when their child was only 8 months old. Lord Lamba, influenced by his mother, spent a mere 3 consecutive days with them, and the rest of his visits were brief, mere "visit and go" situations, leaving Queen emotionally strained.

She expresses the difficulty she faced in trying to establish a familial bond, citing instances where Lord Lamba ignored her efforts, even resorting to putting his phone on airplane mode when she was en route to his place.

Ex-BBN housemate, Queen Mercy Atang.

Queen reveals an unsettling revelation that Lord Lamba was involved with another Igbo woman during this tumultuous period, a fact she was unaware of at the time.

According to a Nigerian blogger, Lamba's mother disapproved of Queen due to her tribe, insisting on a DNA test immediately after the baby's birth. Despite the test confirming the child's paternity, Lamba's mother continued to object, claiming she had a vision portraying Queen as wayward, further complicating their relationship.

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