Pete Edochie responds to Kanayo O. Kanayo's claim of seniority in Nollywood
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Renowned actor Pete Edochie has shed light on his seniority in Nollywood, clarifying that he had already embarked on cinema projects before the birth of the Nigerian film industry.

This is coming after his colleague, Kanayo O Kanayo publicly claimed to be his senior in the Nollywood film industry.

Addressing claims made by Kanayo O Kanayo, Edochie revealed that his involvement in the movie industry predated the concept of Nollywood itself.

During an interview with Afia TV, Edochie emphasized that Nollywood only came into existence seven years after his iconic portrayal in “Things Fall Apart.”

He explained that in 1985, when he took on the role, the film industry was still in its infancy.

Edochie’s performance in the acclaimed movie catalyzed his illustrious career, propelling him to fame both nationally and internationally.

Edochie recounted his globetrotting experiences, highlighting how his role in “Things Fall Apart” garnered attention from the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC).

The renowned media outlet even travelled to Nigeria to interview him, recognizing the impact of his performance on the world stage.

As a testament to the significance of his role, Edochie shared that he was invited to meet with Chinua Achebe, the esteemed author of the book that inspired “Things Fall Apart.”

This meeting took place in America, further solidifying Edochie’s status as a respected figure in the Nigerian film industry.