Nicki Dabardie purchases a new car after being released from prison, going from incarceration to owning a Benz
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TikTok influencer, Nicki Dabardie, makes headlines as she invests a substantial amount in a brand-new Mercedes Benz, marking a luxurious celebration of her release from prison. This move follows her recent legal troubles involving a clash with Lil Frosh‘s ex-girlfriend, Gift Camille.

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Nicki Dabardie had faced arrest and imprisonment a few weeks ago after failing to meet bail conditions, stemming from a confrontation with Gift Camille.

Celebrating her release from prison via her Instagram story, the TikTok influencer splashes millions of naira on a new Mercedes Banez.

Sharing the video, she captioned it, “TF you gon say now though? From prison to new Benz.”

In a follow-up audio, she added, “Public annoncement guys, mind the way you walk on the street, we no dey hold break I be assistant driver. We dey even dey hold hospital bills in case we jam you.”

The post has since generated mixed reactions from social media user who welcomed her back from prison.

Reactions as Nicki Dabardie flaunts new Benz after release from prison

tonia.gram_ said: “Shalli entered prison and became popular. Nelson Mandela became president too. What’s stopping you from going to prison? Yes you! 🌚.”

___coco__kokolet noted: “That voice note wasn’t necessary. Don’t let the devil prey on the words of your mouth.”

___araoluwa___ opined: “The other Barbie go buy GLE next week😂🤣🤣.”

princesx__x_ wrote: “Who go arrest me ??”

Watch the video below …