Nedu recalls being caught off guard by his university girlfriend's response when he discovered she was cheating
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Renowned comedian, Nedu Wazobia, reminisces about the aftermath of confronting his former girlfriend for cheating on him during their university years.

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Taking to social media, the On-Air Personality (OAP) shares a candid recollection of the downfall of his relationship during his time at Madonna University.

Nedu Wazobia. Photo source: Google.

Nedu recounts his romance with a charming lady from Akwa Ibom during his university days.

Expecting her return to campus after the holidays, he attempts to reach her via landline, only to discover from his brother that she had long returned to school.

Realizing she hadn't returned as expected, he grows suspicious and later finds evidence suggesting she had stayed elsewhere instead of returning to campus.

Upon confronting her and questioning her fidelity, he is stunned when she admits to cheating on him, revealing that the other man was her true partner, not Nedu.

The comedian shares his story in a video clip posted online, detailing the revelation. Watch the video below: