“My traumatic childhood makes me scared to get married” – Juliet Njemanze
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Actress Juliet Njemanze [/b]has explained the agonies of her horrific childhood which has created an anxiety for getting married.

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Njemanze takes us on a voyage back in time in an interview with The Sun, recounting her modest beginnings, abuse, heartache, and strained relationship with her father.

While planning her profession, she also considered the important subject of marriage.

According to Juliet Njemanze, she had a traumatic childhood filled with physical and sexual abuse which affected her mental health.

Juliet Njemanze, Nollywood actress. Photo source: Google

“Basically, I didn’t have a fun childhood. I had a really traumatic childhood filled with emotional, mental, physical and sexual abuse. That’s why I am a mental health advocate because I know how much damage my childhood did to my mind, and how hard I am working not to allow the experience dictate the kind of person I turn out to be. I have a strong will power.”

“If I don’t have a strong will power, I would have become a rascal and blamed it on the things that happened to me as a child. But I chose to be a better person despite everything that life has thrown at me at a very young age when I didn’t understand anything. It’s sad but it’s okay, we all have our stories.”

“The thought of marriage scares me because of the stories I hear of marriages, and honestly, it’s because of my own parents’ marriage”, she added.