Movie producer demands Adanma Luke and boat driver's arrest following Junior Pope's death
Posted by badgeBusayo on 0

A Nigerian movie producer known as Stanley is urging authorities to arrest Adanma Luke, holding her accountable for neglecting safety measures that led to the tragic death of Junior Pope. Stanley, who was part of the crew that witnessed the accident, criticized Nollywood producers for their mismanagement of funds allocated for cast and crew.

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In an Instagram story post, he expressed concern that raising issues on a movie set could result in immediate blacklisting. Stanley highlighted the lack of solidarity within Nollywood, particularly in Asabawood.

While mourning the loss of Junior Pope and other colleagues, he also noted the boat's overcapacity, stating that it carried 15 people instead of the designated 6 passengers.

In his own words:

“Arrest the producer [Adanma Luke]. Arrest the boat driver. Nollywood Producers are the worst part of producers in the entertainment. They like managing funds on cast and crew. If you complain too much on set, you will be blacklisted immediately. Nollywood has no love for one another, especially Asabawood. Rest in peace. JNR Pope, Friday, Precious, Abigail.

“No life jacket, no divers. The boat that is supposed to carry 6 people carried 15 people. Nollywood likes cutting corners. If you complain too much, they won’t give you a job again. What are you people shooting? Fuck Nollywood, menhh. T RIP Fams.”