Mohbad's management responds to father's claim about an alleged thumbprinted will
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Mohbad’s management issues a statement in response to allegations from his father claiming the existence of a thumbprinted will by his late son.

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Following recent comments by Mohbad’s father in an interview about an alleged will, the singer's management releases a statement refuting the existence of such a thumbprinted document.

Late Mohbad.

The management asserts that if any such document existed, it would have been made public and properly registered with the Probate Registry.

The statement also provides an update on Mohbad’s autopsy results, mentioning that it will take a couple of months for the results to arrive from abroad.

The detailed statement reads as follows:

“It’s been a couple of months, but the life and death of Imole still remain fresh in our minds.

We know that nothing can bring Imole back, but we have cooperated with the authorities to make sure that all parties involved get the clarity and closure that we need to be able to remember Moh and live as he lived in his last few months: drawing strength from his past, but happy, strong and looking forward to the future.

We would like to use this opportunity to share a few updates and highlight certain truths, so that misconceptions and miscommunication do not persist:

1. The Police Authorities have conducted an investigation and have communicated that the autopsy results from samples sent abroad will take a couple of months before they are shared.

2. No members of Mohbad’s management or his Lawyer have communicated the existence of a will or any such thumb-printed document (as has recently been FALSELY reported) to any member of the family or the public. We would like to state with certainty that if any such document did exist, it would have been duly registered with the Probate Registry. We therefore plead with everyone to refrain from sharing false and misleading statements like this.

3. All accounts owned and controlled by Imole during his lifetime were immediately put on a Post No Debit order on the 12th of September, 2023. This order remains valid till date. These accounts will be properly handed over to the family upon resolution of the internal dispute.

Once again, we thank the you all for your continued support of Imole. We urge you, in your pursuit of justice

and closure, to seek, speak and promote only the truth.

May the light guide you always”

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