Mohbad’s father disowns Wunmi, blames her lovers for son's death
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Mr Joseph Aloba, the father of the late Afrobeat singer, Mohbad, has publicly disowned his daughter-in-law, Wunmi, while accusing her lovers of being responsible for his son's death. He claims this is the reason she refuses to undergo a DNA test, to keep her secrets hidden.

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This revelation comes in the wake of the autopsy results from pathologists, which concluded that the exact cause of the singer's death could not be determined.

In a recent interview, Mohbad’s father alleged that Wunmi had an affair which led to the child she had with the late singer. He further insisted that the lovers whom Wunmi had an affair with killed his son.

The grieving father added that the widow and some others who declared the death of Mohbad could not explain the blood found in his house and why his head was shaved.

Mohbad’s father accuses Wunmi’s lovers of killing his son

“Mohbad’s wife is blaming me for the autopsy result but she couldn’t explain the bl00d I saw in Mohbad’s house, she couldn’t even say this is what killed her husband. Someone that had the Dr’s report but did not release it for Mohbad’s body to be deposited in the mortuary.

“When Mohbad complained to me that they were beating and bullying him, I told him to come so we can go and tell Oba of Ikorodu. The day they came she did not let my son obey me, we couldn’t see the Oba because his fans were too much. She manipulated my son’s life to the extent that he doesn’t listen to me. She opened doors to my son’s enemies.

“If she does DNA everything will be exposed. She brought pregnancy home from outside. They also said the CCTV camera in the house was destroyed. What about the bl00d I saw in the house? There was no explanation. They asked her what killed her husband but she couldn’t give explanation but now she’s blaming me for autopsy result. Am I living with them, was I there when he died, when they took him to hospital and they directed them to the mortuary why did they take his body back home. What was lawyer doing there?

“Nobody should call her Aloba again because what her family did to my family can never be forgotten. ‘Affair partner’ was b£ating husband and the wife knows. She claims not to know where they took her husband’s body too but how was she able to take the piece of cloth she dropped in Mohbad’s grave . She never knew he was going to be exhumed that’s where she got exposed. She should wait for God’s judgement except if I lied on any of them.”

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