Mimi Orjiekwe's embarrassment caught on video by her daughter
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Nollywood actress Mimi Orjiekwe, found herself in an embarrassing situation recently when her daughter Jasmine unintentionally exposed her during an Instagram video. The video captured a candid moment between the mother and daughter in a car, but it took an unexpected turn when Jasmine revealed that her mother relied on makeup filters to enhance her appearance. Jasmine's straightforward disclosure warned viewers not to be deceived by her mother's filtered look, highlighting the disparity between Mimi's online persona and her natural appearance. Mimi's shocked reaction expressed her disbelief at her daughter's actions, questioning why Jasmine would jeopardize her career. Sharing the video on her Instagram, Mimi jokingly lamented her daughter's attempt to sabotage her influencer endeavors, indicating a playful yet genuine sense of embarrassment. The incident underscores the complexities of maintaining authenticity in the age of social media, where perceptions of beauty and reality often intersect in unexpected ways.

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Mimi and her daughter. source: Google

In the video, Jasmine emphasized once more the differences between Mimi’s unfiltered portrayal and her true look.

Mimi was shocked by her daughter’s actions and wondered why Jasmine was trying to ruin her career.

Exclaiming, she said: “What is going on here? My own child is trying to mess up my career.”

While sharing the video, Mimi captioned it,

“Embarrassed!!. This daughter of mine wants to spoil my influencer Hustle. I thought we were besties 😩 #sundayfunday.”