Mercy reveals difference between her old and new Range Rover, slams troll doctor
Posted by badgeBusayo on 0

It has come to the attention of BBNaija star, Mercy Eke, that there have been allegations circulating regarding the recent acquisition of her Range Rover Sport. Amidst the excitement of gifting herself an early Christmas present, accusations surfaced, claiming that she had simply repainted her old SUV instead. In response to these speculations, Mercy Eke took to microblogging platform X to address the controversy, specifically calling out a doctor who had wrongly accused her.

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The reality TV sensation clarified that her previous Range Rover was, in fact, a Velar, highlighting a key distinction from her new acquisition, which is a Range Rover Sport. To underscore this difference, she emphasized how the individual making the accusations was, in her words, an "educated illiterate" for not recognizing the contrast between the two distinct editions of the luxury SUV. In a bold statement, she questioned the individual's knowledge and aptly pointed out their ignorance, expressing disbelief at the audacity to mention her name in connection to such misinformation.

Range Rover Sports on the left while RR Velar is on the right.[/figure]

In a fiery response, Mercy Eke further condemned the act, deeming it as "ignorance of the highest level." She sarcastically commented on the individual's ability to differentiate between a Range Rover Velar and a Range Rover Sport, stating that the criticism stemmed from a lack of understanding. She went on to predict that the individual would continue talking about her, urging them to ask questions and insinuating an apparent obsession with her life. The post was punctuated with celebratory emojis, perhaps indicating her triumph over the baseless allegations.