Lord Lamba clarifies: "I don't want my child's face on social media to prevent trolling"
Posted by badgeBusayo on 0

Renowned skit maker, Lord Lamba, has responded to online comments, offering an explanation for his delayed posting of his child on social media.

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Amidst controversies surrounding Queen's recent engagement, there has been a spotlight on Lord Lamba's child, born during his relationship with the former Big Brother housemate.

The content creator only shared a photo of his daughter on social media after Queen publicly announced her engagement, citing a desire to shield his child from potential trolling.

Lord Lamba emphasized his role as a father, asserting his authority in making decisions about his daughter's online presence. He expressed the belief that she should grow up and make her own choices regarding social media use.

Dispelling misconceptions, Lord Lamba clarified that his active involvement in his daughter's life is evident, having taken her on playdates and attended her birthday party. He reiterated his commitment to safeguarding her from the pitfalls of social media, considering her age as a minor.