Jaywon reflects on the lessons drawn from Diddy's assault incident
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Nigerian musician Jaywon reflects on the insights and lessons gleaned from the assault incident involving American rapper Diddy.

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In a disturbing video initially published by CNN, Diddy was shown assaulting his former girlfriend Cassie at a hotel in 2016, prompting widespread condemnation online.


Reflecting on the incident, Jaywon expressed a prayerful hope that individuals never find themselves in situations where they have to apologize for actions taken in their darkest moments or rectify grave mistakes that evoke condemnation even from those who may be worse offenders.

He wrote: “A lot to learn from this Diddy’s story. Pray you never find your self in a place where you have to Apologize for things you did in your dark moments or make mistakes that will be so horrible to make right cuz even the people who are worst than you will judge and crucify you…”

Reactions to Jaywon’s reflection on Diddy’s assault incident

chinyereritaemenike said: “Oga if you find yourself in a dark place, hit iron, wall and your fellow man not woman, f4ls👎👎🤮”

u_ukwen said: “True true. Even monsters are judging him 😢”

taiwo_junzi noted: “People will always judge you by your past! Thats why you think of your future any time you’re acting in the present cos what goes around comes around!”

allshadesofamazing said: “This is them! Pay attention to their contribution to this topic sisters 🤦🏼‍♀️”

zinzymichael said: “Some of these pur OGs no get sense the way we thought aha.”