Insults are now used by youths as a defense mechanism - Ugezu Ugezu
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Renowned actor and filmmaker, Ugezu Ugezu, voices his distress over the moral decay prevalent among African youths, particularly highlighting the widespread use of insults as a form of defense.

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In a recent Instagram post, he condemns the pervasive disrespect often exhibited by many youths towards their parents or elders in their communication.

Ugezu underscores the adverse implications of such behavior, warning of the potential challenges they may face in their own future roles as parents.

He expresses apprehension that African youths who disregard traditional values of respect for their elders may encounter significant obstacles and struggles along their life paths.

In his statement, he says:

“The disturbing tragedy that has befallen a significant percentage of the youth is that they have adopted insult as a weapon of defense and intimidation.

In the rooted African Philosophy, a child who insults his parents hardly becomes a parent. When he/she manages to become a parent by divine providence, they hardly record any progress in life.

They will end up struggling in life and living in penury. People of African origin should be guided. As you get westernized in all your conducts, recall your root.Ugezu J. Ugezu Writes


Many users resonated with the actor's sentiments, acknowledging the alarming prevalence of this behavior.