Ifu Ennada advises married women, stating, "You hold the authority to determine the destiny of your husband's extramarital affairs"
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Former Big Brother Naija housemate, Ifu Ennada, imparts crucial advice to married women dealing with cheating husbands. The reality TV star urges them to exert their power by laying curses on their husband’s side chics, emphasizing the effectiveness of such actions when one is in alignment with God. Supported by various Bible passages, she questions the choices of women who knowingly date married men.

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Ifu Ennada

Ifu Ennada expresses her bewilderment at the actions of such women and challenges them to consider the pain they cause to another woman. She recounts a personal experience of distancing herself from someone who attended church every Sunday to pray for a husband while simultaneously being involved with two married men, justifying the infidelity with the belief that all men must cheat.

In her concluding remarks, she directs her frustration towards married men who deceitfully conceal their marital status, deceiving single girls, and ultimately curses their actions.