Cyclist declines Davido's money due to unusual reason
Posted by badgeBusayo on 0

A cyclist named Emmanuel Myam gained widespread attention for embarking on a bicycle journey to meet the music artist Davido. Emmanuel started his ride from Benue to Lagos to visit his idol, Davido. After receiving a critical response online, Davido asked the cyclist for his bank account details and instructed him to go home and wait for his return.

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However, in an exclusive interview with Legit Ng, Emmanuel explained why he declined Davido's money. He stated that his main motivation for embarking on this "risky" adventure was not money, but rather the desire to meet Davido and present him with a gift. He emphasized that his primary goal was to finally see the singer, as he had been longing to do so. Despite rejecting the money, Emmanuel kept the possibility open for Davido to personally "bless" him if he wished.

The cyclist's heartfelt sentiments highlight that his journey was driven by his genuine admiration for Davido, rather than financial gain. The act serves as a testament to the deep connections that fans can form with their idols.

Viral cyclist riding to see Davido. Photo source: Google