After being buried alive, a content creator successfully completes the challenge and is dug out alive
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The content creator who embarked on a daring challenge to be buried [/b]alive for 24 hours has finally been rescued from the ground, alive and well.

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Social media was abuzz when videos emerged of a young man known as Young Vibe, revealing that he was buried alive.

In the initial video circulating online, he was shown inside the box where he had been buried, surrounded by various items he had brought along to assist during his confinement.

The TikToker had equipped himself with a mini electric fan to aid in ventilation, power banks, three phones for live streaming on his TikTok page, a bottle of water, and other essentials for his ordeal.


After 24 hours, the content creator was dug out by his friends who helped him achieve the challenge. He disclosed that his TikTok account was banned during the challenge.