Summer Walker – CLEAR 2: SOFT LIFE EP | Full Album Download
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  • Artist: Summer Walker
  • Runtime: 28 minutes, 9 Songs
  • Genre: Hip hop

American singer, Summer Walker released her highly Anticipated Project titled "CLEAR 2: SOFT LIFE" EP

The newly released project contains 9 solid tracks.

The last time we heard new music from Summer Walker was in 2021 with her sophomore effort, Still Over It, which chronicled her messy and complicated relationship with Atlanta producer London On Da Track before, during and after her pregnancy. The album’s relatability, cohesiveness and introspective lyrics made Still Over It a certified hit, giving Walker her first No. 1 album on the Billboard 200 chart. Since then, the singer-songwriter has been featured on tracks with Ari Lennox, Ciara and The Weeknd, as well as expanding her family by welcoming a set of twins. “I’m really loving life right now, enjoying this new outlook on life, loving the new me, loving my kids and not letting life pass me by anymore,” she writes in an exclusive statement to Apple Music.

Walker is in her soft-life era, which, according to social media, is a life free of struggle and stress and focuses more on joy and self-care. These ideals and themes are evident on Walker’s latest EP CLEAR 2: SOFT LIFE, a follow-up in her CLEAR series, which she debuted in 2019. “The first one was kinda sad—all my music is sad—but I’m in a different space, so this one is more happy,” she said. “It’s a continuation in the sense of the music because it’s all live.”

Where Still Over It deals with the loss of a relationship and the emotions that come with a break-up, CLEAR 2: SOFT LIFE shows the singer-songwriter leaving those feelings of heartbreak and anxiety behind and embracing a life filled with ease. However, she still needs a reminder now and then. On the opener, “To Summer, From Cole (Audio Hug)”, J. Cole reaffirms her by letting her know it’s okay to take some time to clear her mind and forget the stresses from her fame. Summer tackles this new-found life that she’s chosen for herself by not following the same patterns from her past relationships (“New Type”) and quickly cuts ties with connections that no longer serve her (“How Does It Feel”, “Pull Up”, “Finding Peace”).

On “Mind Yo Mouth”, she finds the confidence to say what’s on her mind, even if it bruises a man’s ego: “Wanna be with me then you gon’ get up off your bottom/Uh, wanna lay with me then you gon’ be a real man,” she swaggers. In true Summer fashion, she offers up introspective lyrics and reflects on her journey within her past relationships on the album closer, “Agayu’s Revelation”. On the Steve Lacy- and Solange-produced track, Summer talks about a realisation she had during a conversation with her spiritual guide when she discovered that the partners she chooses are the reason her relationships fail: “They’re fragile/Their egos are fragile/They’re not quite ready to face themselves/Maybe now or ever.” “Maferefun oya, Maferefun Oshun,” Walker writes, with an intriguing kicker: “PS: album 3 soon.”

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Summer Walker CLEAR 2: SOFT LIFE EP Tracklist


To Summer, From Cole (Audio Hug)

Summer Walker (feat. J. Cole)


Summer Walker

How Does It Feel

Summer Walker

Mind Yo Mouth

Summer Walker

Pull Up

Summer Walker

New Type

Summer Walker (feat. Childish Gambino)

Finding Peace

Summer Walker

Set Up (2017)

Summer Walker

Agayu's Revelation

Summer Walker

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