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Brymo – Libel EP | Full Album Download
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Libel EP
  • Artist: Brymo
  • Runtime: 16 minutes, 5 Songs
  • Release Date: November 5, 2020
  • Genre: Alternative

Nigerian singer, Brymo returns with a new project titled "Libel EP."

The five tracks project only features Deborah Prest on the fifth track.

He claims his previous album, Yellow released in April is the best album in Africa.


Brymo Libel EP Tracklist




The Phoenix



Brymo (feat. Deborah Prest)


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Kennedy badgeKennedy  (Nov 05, 2020) 
Sorry for the delay, the full project is available for download now.
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Ayomide  (Nov 29, 2020) 
Love this
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Anonymous  (Nov 19, 2020) 
Please work on the quality(size) of your songs_ Just to heavy_
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Dvp Kotun  (Nov 08, 2020) 
I'm a die-hard Brymo fan, but he needs to stop the rubbish he says about Yellow album. Yellow is wack. Even the AAA ep beats Yellow album. If Yellow was as good, why the swift release of a new ep? This Libel ep is a compensation of Yellow album. Did you even see the case it came in? Please, don't.
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Stark  (Nov 08, 2020) 
Yellow is not wack in any way. Maybe it didn't meet your expectations, but that doesn't make it wack.
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Dan  (Nov 09, 2020) 
If brymo's yellow is sack to you then I guess all the albums that dropped this year aren't worth listening obviously missed it. There's no single 2020 album/EP out there that beats Brymo's Yellow. I unequivocally love every song on the playlist including the one that was made in Igbo even though I don't understand a single word the lady said. The only album that goes head to head with Yellow for me is Twice As Tall. I basically love 99 of the tracks.
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Pizzle  (Nov 23, 2020) 
Yellow is not wack. Periodt
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Karzywhite  (Jan 10) 
@Dan, thank you my brother, you are the best
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Anonymous  (Feb 05) 
@Dan, spit it 🥰🥰🥰
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Ajay  (Nov 08, 2020) 
I really really really love brymo songs from way back to dis lovely and wonderful ep,brymo am your forever fan,man u too good,75% of Nigerians doesn't know good music,only kpalanga music with good beat and without good lyric dem sabi,thats their own cross me am on my own lane vibing to @brymolibel,man u good any where any time ur music drop
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Anonymous  (Nov 05, 2020) 
guys this guy mad oo so fast you deserve award oo
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Anonymous  (Nov 05, 2020) 
How the fuck have you guys not uploaded this ep na

Jesus Christ
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Reece  (Nov 06, 2020) 
Do you pay for the ep? Mind your language pussy
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Dvp Kotun  (Nov 08, 2020) 
@Reece, pxssy wey you type put na reptile language àbí?
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Steve  (Nov 05, 2020) 
Where's the link ni?
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Anonymous  (Nov 05, 2020) 
Admin, please upload this EP sharperly
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