Free Download Omah Lay Get Layd EP | Full Download Get Layd EP by Omah Lay

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Get Layd EP
  • Free Download Omah Lay Get Layd EP | Full Download Get Layd EP by Omah Lay

  • Artist: Omah Lay
  • Runtime: 14 minutes, 5 Songs
  • Release Date: May 22, 2020
  • Genre: Alte

Fast-rising Nigerian Alte singer, Omah Lay comes through as he presents his much-anticipated debut extended play,Β Get Layd.

The 5 tracks consisted project features his previously released songs "Bad influence" and "You" which is still doing well in digital stores.

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Omah Lay Get Layd EP Tracklist



Omah Lay

Lo Lo

Omah Lay


Omah Lay

Bad Influence

Omah Lay

Ye Ye Ye

Omah Lay

DOWNLOAD Get Layd EP ZIP [19.32 MB]

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Ohichoya  (Feb 20) 
You are good to go
0 like
omah lay  (Feb 17) 
he will be the top To to come
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Taster dvillageboy  (Feb 16) 
This album is mad
Omah jah bless
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Udego  (Feb 12) 
Omah ley
1 like
Valor  (Feb 09) 
All songs are good
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Abrampah Mensah Cyril  (Jan 16) 
I love this tracks ruff
0 like
Eunice peter  (Jan 14) 
I love ❀️ all songs
1 like
Favour Godwin  (Jan 04) 
I love this songπŸ’š
1 like
Jeremiah  (Jan 01) 
Love u best of best omah lay
1 like
Ski Blue Official  (Dec 29, 2020) 
Am here download omay lay song is nice am just praying πŸ™ to god to make me one off all this stars that my prayer you can all so download my song on audio mack by blessing by ski Blue Official I no say I nor I never blow but on God don't forget abeg
1 like
Zainab  (Jan 05) 
On God dear
like like  Reply 3257 reply0 like
Yaro boy  (Dec 21, 2020) 
Fine boy
1 like
Harry B  (Dec 20, 2020) 
I just day vex say, I one download Omaha Lay songs and I no get sub again why now
0 like
Jc boy  (Dec 19, 2020) 
Abeg make you naw send me fireboy lasts
0 like
Harry B  (Dec 20, 2020) 
We nor go send am for you go download am your self
like like  Reply 3187 reply0 like
Anonymous  (Dec 02, 2020) 
I beg mo na send me
omah lay what have we don
0 like
Lucyyfah  (Nov 28, 2020) 
Omah lay u always get Dem laid may your ship Neva sink mAh man with dah dating vybe
1 like
Akawizy  (Nov 25, 2020) 
I go soon show
0 like
Chinedu  (Nov 23, 2020) 
1 like
Remilekun  (Nov 23, 2020) 
I always enjoy omah lay song ,so beautiful 😍 sweet voice πŸ˜„
Much love my dear
0 like
Harry B  (Dec 20, 2020) 
You just be like me too ooh I love his songs so so much
like like  Reply 3188 reply0 like
guy guy  (Nov 19, 2020) 
Lay u do all bloody
1 like
Anonymous  (Nov 13, 2020) 
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Anonymous  (Oct 30, 2020) 
Chip in up πŸ‘† love you
0 like
YounG sky singer  (Oct 23, 2020) 
very nice song by Omah ley
I wish I could have a chance to break
1 like
Colkinsjohn  (Oct 21, 2020) 
Love his musics though just knew him
0 like
Anonymous  (Oct 20, 2020) 
I love omah lay
Na my guy, his the best and his music are sweet
1 like
richy  (Oct 20, 2020) 
goooooooood am in america ooo
like like  Reply 2164 reply0 like
richy  (Oct 20, 2020) 
like like  Reply 2165 reply0 like
Ishaku benedict  (Oct 18, 2020) 
Omah lay music are cool i love it
0 like
Anonymous  (Oct 13, 2020) 
I love omah lay
0 like
Aliyu Kabir  (Oct 08, 2020) 
I love his song and also him too
2 like
Anonymous  (Sep 30, 2020) 
I love him and all his music soooooooooo much
1 like
Sunny kush  (Oct 07, 2020) 
I love him so much
like like  Reply 1929 reply0 like
Ansumana sesay  (Sep 21, 2020) 
I luv everything about omah lay
He is much Better than naira Marley
6 like
Official Saten bliss  (Sep 23, 2020) 
In r and b not in street music please
like like  Reply 1806 reply2 like
Ansumana sesay  (Sep 21, 2020) 
U are one of a kind
I really enjoyed the music
Keep boosting up please
1 like
Aeco  (Sep 15, 2020) 
Nice music
0 like
pozi  (Sep 02, 2020) 
Tnx fr making ur stuff very love ur products
0 like
Hillary Kinng  (Aug 30, 2020) 
Am definitely fucking on damn✌🀏🀞
0 like
Hillary Kinng  (Aug 30, 2020) 
This is hardddddssd, Uganda we vibe with this.. keep going fam
1 like
Anonymous  (Aug 26, 2020) 
It's not original ooo don't stress fam abeg... they will be giving bots review
1 like
Hillary Kinng  (Aug 30, 2020) 
Fuck you
like like  Reply 1634 reply2 like
Emn  (Sep 08, 2020) 
Shut up
like like  Reply 1699 reply1 like
Elsie  (Sep 11, 2020) 
Ah but hmm. So who did he copy from?
like like  Reply 1720 reply2 like
Princess  (Dec 12, 2020) 
You are a big goat for saying this. Fool!
like like  Reply 3125 reply0 like
Princess  (Dec 12, 2020) 
Go and learn sense
like like  Reply 3126 reply0 like
Anonymous  (Aug 26, 2020) 
0 like
Hillary Kinng  (Aug 30, 2020) 
Fuck you
like like  Reply 1635 reply0 like
Elsie  (Sep 11, 2020) 
How are the songs fake? Ei
like like  Reply 1721 reply0 like
Adebola  (Aug 26, 2020) 
Nice hits bro, the sky is your limit, more success in your music 🎢 career
1 like
Joy  (Aug 16, 2020) 
Omahlee I love ur songs it give me joy (◍‒ᴗ‒◍)❀(qο½₯Ο‰ο½₯q)οΎ‰β™‘, may God continue too bless you,may God give you de strength too do another song (β—β™‘βˆ€β™‘),we are expecting u next track I know u will not disappoint us,I love you
5 like
Lukman  (Aug 15, 2020) 
I love every moment I hear your song bro
3 like
Bukola  (Aug 12, 2020) 
Killed!! Bro πŸ”₯
2 like
Echo whizzy  (Aug 12, 2020) 
Raw talent, sure blowing.
Dont give up.
U have it.
1 like
Anonymous  (Aug 06, 2020) 
Come on! This man should be topping the charts!
Dance hall!

Name it!

Top chart jam!
2 like
Allen isaac  (Jul 31, 2020) 
"Ride on, I gat you bro"
1 like
Phriday  (Jul 25, 2020) 
Nice one keep it up
3 like
Cruz Great  (Jul 25, 2020) 
This guy get lyrics for mouth. Well done bro
0 like
Psycho  (Jul 21, 2020) 
Lemme listen to the lyrics first ..mbyta
1 like
Samuel  (Jul 20, 2020) 
Omah Lay you are too rugged beast you from afar I too go love all your jams sail your ship
2 like
jerry  (Jul 14, 2020) 
Wow wow wow i love dis guy best of luck
0 like
Nhasty jha  (Jul 09, 2020) 
My padi u are trying
1 like
Joshua lawrence  (Jul 07, 2020) 
I like to be ur friend omah lay please
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