Free Download Erigga The Erigma 2 Album | Full Download The Erigma 2 Album by Erigga

Erigga – The Erigma 2 Album | Full Album Download
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The Erigma 2 Album
  • Free Download Erigga The Erigma 2 Album | Full Download The Erigma 2 Album by Erigga

  • Artist: Erigga
  • Tracks: (18)
  • Release Date: October 4, 2019
  • Genre: Hip Hop

Nigerian award winning rapper Erigga presents his most anticipated album currently "The Erigma 2". The 18 tracks album features top Nigerian acts.

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Erigga The Erigma 2 Album Tracklist


Area to the World

Erigga (feat. Victor AD)

Next Track

Erigga (feat. Oga Network)

Two Criminals

Erigga (feat. Zlatan)

Home Breaker

Erigga (feat. Magnito & Sipi)


Erigga (feat. Vector & Graham D)


Erigga (feat. yung zee Onos)

Head Pan

Erigga (feat. Prinx Emmanuel)

The Erigma 2

Erigga (feat. M.I Abaga & Sami)

Body Bags

Erigga (feat. Ice Prince)

Hookups Only

Erigga (feat. Sami)


Erigga (feat. Funkcleff)

My Love Song

Erigga (feat. Sipi)

Bang Bang

Erigga (feat. Shuunbebe & Funkcleff)

Street Motivation

Erigga (feat. Dr Barz)

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Kelly  (Nov 24) 
My rollmode
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Spicy  (Jul 21) 
Love this album
1 like
J bay  (May 28) 
Delta state
1 like
WIZZY blinky  (Feb 19) 
King of kings
U no dey rule casual people
2 like
Prince Niger  (Jan 11) 
Best of all musicians Erigga,you kill me with this album
2 like
Yung erigga  (Dec 25, 2020) 
Erigga you be king of 9ja rap
2 like
Jung erigga  (Dec 25, 2020) 
Erigga if you no fit mad 4 urself, me i go mad for you. You good die.
2 like
Ebitari  (Nov 21, 2020) 
1 like
Slow g  (May 02) 
Happy birthday
like like  Reply 3837 reply0 like
basheezi  (Sep 30, 2020) 
erriga ur excellence,me like ur slang so much,old wori to d world paperboi spoiled everywhere dey no reached
1 like
Osita  (Sep 28, 2020) 
2 like
Megaboss  (Aug 27, 2020) 
Erigga u d best give us what we want which i can sing with u one day
2 like
Charles  (Aug 07, 2020) 
Excellent free style rapper
3 like
George Samuel  (Jul 18, 2020) 
Wow this is. really mind blowing
1 like
Dantani Dennis  (May 04, 2020) 
Joyful erigga sings joyous music more lyrics to ur beats πŸ’“
1 like
Dennis Dantani  (May 04, 2020) 
Its only in music we find joy
2 like
Sally IBNT  (Apr 18, 2020) 
Most talented man I have seen in music industry.. Ya jam always gat me listening all time even leave playing while sleeping..(all in repeat) ball I hail ooπŸ’žπŸ’–πŸ’Ÿ
1 like
Anonymous  (Apr 15, 2020) 
2 like
Philip Essien.  (Mar 27, 2020) 
I Love his songs their dope. More grace to this site.
1 like
Anonymous  (Jan 06, 2020) 
"Wow ERRIGMANS baddest

I love ur songs erriga paper boi "
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@Elnas_neo  (Nov 22, 2019) 
God go punish una for allowing me download 3 albums and non open
1 like
Anonymous  (Nov 21, 2019) 
I downloaded the album twice and it is telling file cannot open
1 like
Collins richies  (Nov 20, 2019) 
On fire
1 like
Sammyblack  (Nov 16, 2019) 
1 like
Tammy  (Nov 10, 2019) 
Massive turn up
1 like
Robinson  (Nov 07, 2019) 
erriga paper dem
1 like
Anonymous  (Oct 28, 2019) 
"Boss you legalize, your songs da motivate me "
1 like
Daniel  (Oct 18, 2019) 
"Ayeme .I love this jam d.i.e,erigma u too much abeg
1 like
Akpofure  (Oct 14, 2019) 
"U making deltans proud erigga...Proudly a ur music, love this album..."
1 like
Kelvin Tobiah  (Oct 12, 2019) 
"already casted my vote to u brov(Erigga)
day1fans till d day i kpuff.
I also wish to be seen(famous)
my wish is to drop everything I have written in a mic one day.
headies, King paper-boy comes again"
1 like
Alvin White  (Oct 09, 2019) 
Erigga more REASONS for that ur big head (no insult) I Don high like dis dey listen to ur jams ..... tweaking dey draw like ugbolo. I believe u coz lyrics nor dey finish head. πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ₯‚πŸ˜
1 like
Eseoghene  (Oct 09, 2019) 
Erigga God bless ur hustle
1 like
Eseoghene  (Oct 09, 2019) 
I love you Erigga
0 like
Anonymous  (Oct 08, 2019) 
"Blast welcome to warri
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Anonymous  (Oct 07, 2019) 
"after 118 mb nothing came out, bullshit"
0 like
Tombari  (Oct 07, 2019) 
Erigga to the world men! After Erigga na Erigga. We love you bro.
0 like
Anonymous  (Oct 04, 2019) 
Eribaba ...God of rap....I believe you die
0 like
Razzy  (Oct 04, 2019) 
Just use RAR to convert it
0 like
Benaldo  (Oct 04, 2019) 
Day break everywhere burst! Erigga voice alone dey give me happiness die. If Erigbaba cough for studio I go download am
0 like
Anonymous  (Oct 04, 2019) 
Eribaba you too bam
1 like
Anonymous  (Oct 04, 2019) 
"Na thunder go fire the owners of this site...
Una dey crase 4 head well well"
0 like
Josiah  (Oct 04, 2019) 
"Eje, me don turn the whole album into my music folder..
0 like
Anonymous  (Oct 04, 2019) 
"erigga you bam I swear
You see dah award....
no worry. just relax "
0 like
dyyoung kobani  (Oct 04, 2019) 
This album na d best if you nor get am u day miss
0 like
Anonymous  (Oct 04, 2019) 
if you nor get this album you nor fit make heaven oh day break everywhere burst
0 like
Warrrilast_born  (Oct 04, 2019) 
"Day break evri where pocalo.
Burst our head anyhow like c4
Way uuu
Clear for the king of da south.
0 like
@official_Marc_tiny  (Oct 04, 2019) 
Day break everywhere burst , nah wahala you they give us"
0 like
Anonymous  (Oct 04, 2019) 
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Anonymous  (Oct 04, 2019) 
This guy dey give me joy
0 like
milli browny  (Oct 04, 2019) 
day break everywhere burst πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯
0 like
preshwearz  (Sep 17, 2019) 
"blast u kill it
sow it and den u nailed it "
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