Woman sues husband for refusing sex
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One Nigerian woman named Mrs. Joy Abu has taken her husband to a customary court in Nyanya, Abuja on March 9, 2023, alleging that he has been denying her conjugal rights. Mrs. Abu, who resides in the Jikwoyi area of Abuja, also accused her husband, Daniel, of being irresponsible and neglecting their family. She has therefore requested a divorce from her husband, custody of their children, and a monthly payment of N100,000 from her husband for child support.

Mrs. Abu claims that her husband has not been interested in her emotional needs and has been neglecting their conjugal duties. She believes that marriage is not just about providing food but also fulfilling the emotional needs of the partner. Therefore, she believes that her husband has denied her of her rights as a wife and has failed to fulfill his duties as a responsible husband and father.

The husband, Daniel, was present in court and denied all the allegations leveled against him by his wife. He maintained that he has been fulfilling his responsibilities as a husband and father and has never denied his wife of her conjugal rights.

In addition to this story, another case of paternity fraud has been reported. Opeyemi Olagunju, a Nigerian man based abroad, accused his ex-lover, Akeju Oluwaseun, of paternity fraud. Opeyemi claimed that he had a romantic moment with Akeju in October 2020, but it was cut short because she was on her menstrual cycle. He later found out that she was pregnant in June 2021, and he congratulated her but moved on with his life. Akeju later contacted him in September 2022 and claimed that he was the father of her child. Opeyemi started sending money for the child's upkeep, but when the bills became overwhelming, he decided to conduct a DNA test, which revealed that he was not the biological father of the child.