Woman reveals unusual reason for breaking up with her boyfriend
Posted by badgeBusayo on 0

South African lady gathers mixed reactions for sharing that she ended a relationship because her boyfriend failed to ask how her job interview went.

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The lady shared the story with her followers on her account, @complexrori, via the microblogging platform, X.

Apparently the relationship was about 8 months old but she still left over his lack of concern over something she felt was important to her.

While many feel she made the perfect decision, others hold the opinion that she went too far in choosing to break up.

Her post reads;

“Ended a relationship of 8 months once because I went for a job interview and a week went by without him asking me how it went”

See the lady’s post here

See netizens reactions to the post below

@anael_mevoung wrote: “You ended the relationship because you felt neglected and unsupported during an important time in your life.”

@Ebuka_404 said: “This brother might have lost a limb, dealing with his demons, fighting for his life, all big enough reasons that could have taken his mind away from remembering your ‘interview’ which you didn’t care to find out first, but then a woman has to always put herself first.”

@TheMusicBinger claimed: “He suffered from jealousy n insecurity you did yourself a favour”

@Gboye_Rave asked: “How can you end a relationship because of this !!”

@Sonicpsalm91 added: “Sisterhood is proud of you girl 🙌🙌”

@Nahtannoj100 penned: “At first I was like why but then I thought about it and if my partner went to an interview I would have asked as soon as it was over 🤷🏾‍♂️ they have a very valid reason for ending the relationship”