Woman laments skin side effects from daily contraceptive pill use
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The young lady in the video claims to have developed an itchy reaction on her skin as a result of taking contraceptive pills every day. 

She used to take the pills twice a week, but she increased the dosage out of fear of getting pregnant. Some people online are criticizing her for not using the pills properly and questioning her decision to take them daily like paracetamol. Others are sympathizing with her and advising her to seek medical attention. The video has been shared on social media.

“Consistent taking of postinor 2 is very risky on my skin. My skin when I newly started taking postinor 2. I only took it twice a week, I thought it wasn’t working. Then I started taking Postinor 2 every day. started reacting to my skin and it’s very itchy and it’s getting bigger everyday,” she wrote.

Reactions Trailing Dialy Use of Contraceptive Pill

justonyinyechi: “There are somethings you’ll see online and you’ll start to question your sanity and sense of reasoning cos what is this??? I mean, una no get family members or friends wey fit tell una the truth??? Ndi nzuzu.”

endylight1: “Everything that has an advantage also does have disadvantage. You don’t just take Postinor 2 as if it’s PCM. Anyways avoid unprotected S3X.”

_babygirlinsta: “😂So na everyday u dey knack…why take postinor 2 like that?? Na sweet??”

Watch the video below …