Woman gives birth in bank queue in Port Harcourt (Video)
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A heavily pregnant woman went into labor while waiting in line to withdraw cash from a bank in Port Harcourt. The woman's water broke while she was standing for hours in the hot sun, causing her to go into labor. Passersby helped her into a cab that was heading to a local hospital. 

The incident caused confusion among the people waiting in line, who frantically tried to help the woman get into a vehicle. A witness reported that the woman was fortunate to be carried to the hospital by kind passersby.

She was fortunately able to be carried into a cab that was heading to a local hospital by kind passerby.

Watch the video below,

In other news, a Nigerian lady, simply identified as Uloma, has said that she will not support her husband if he has financial troubles.

The lady stated this while responding to a tweet asking what women would do if their husbands went broke and couldn’t afford to pay their rent.

“I have a question for my girls. Say your husband is struggling financially and rent is due. Are you guys paying it or do you guys expect him to find a solution on his own?” The tweet read.

Reacting, Uloma stated that it’s a man’s sole responsibility to support the family, while a woman’s responsibility is to care for the house.

She averred that when a woman helps a man with his bills because he’s broke, she is taking away his masculinity.

“He’s a man and his duty is to provide while yours is to make the home. When you provide, you’re stripping him of his manhood and turning him into a woman. So let him figure it out on his own. It’s best you become homeless than you pay the rent. That’s how the patriarchy works.” She wrote.