Woman creates excitement by posting pictures of her crush and the man she eventually marries
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A lady [/b]has captivated the hearts of viewers by sharing photos of her childhood crush and comparing him to her current husband.

The heartwarming moment unfolded as she introduced her African spouse, complete with a hearty appetite and an irresistible smile that has left many impressed.

A photo of the young lady.[/figure]

The video, which has since gone viral on various social media platforms, showcases the lady’s journey of finding love and happiness.

The clip begins with the young woman, whose identity remains undisclosed, reminiscing about her past crush, sharing how she had once been enamored by someone who didn’t quite match up to her current husband’s qualities.

The lady’s childhood crush.[/figure]

As she narrates her story, she introduces her husband to the camera, revealing an African gentleman who instantly steals the show with his big appetite and undeniable charm.

The video has resonated with countless viewers.

The lady’s husband.[/figure]

Many people remarked that her husband was far more handsome than her former crush, suggesting that she has significantly improved her romantic selection.

Netizens Reactions…

@DatDudePR reacted; “I think you upgraded.”

@Worldbest6363 said; “He sounds like a Nigerian.”

@TheProtegePhotography said; “Ended up with pure joy, love, laughter and most importantly a future of a beautiful.”

@unkown path said;”

@AneteS88 commented; “You ended up with a great man! He is funny, kind and loves youU. That is the best!”

@Danielolusegun923 said; “That pretty close in my opinion.”

@Isaac63yeg said; “No be lamborginni be this?”

@Mrmoralebigstepa said; “What I wanted vs what I got.”

@Yiroodyegehdg said; “Someone you can always be beyond comfortable around, top tier!”

@RelebogileT said; “He’s still gorgeous, Clearly keeps you happy for dayzg.”

@Boss Lady said;  “This is war against our brother.”

@Edemzy said; “He’s more handsome than all your crushes.”

@King Authur said; “They look alike though. At least your are happy 8.that’s all that matters.” 

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While on vacation this video popped up on our memory and we both couldn’t stop laughing 🤣🤣🤣😂😭😭😭 We hope you enjoy it too.

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