Woman astonished by young boy with distinct red and blue eyes
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Nigerian lady stunned as she shares a video after encountering a young boy with rare red and blue eyes.

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She was so captivated by his unique feature that she captured a video of him as he walked by, showcasing his striking eyes.

Nigerian boy with unique eyes.

In the video that she shared, the young boys pupil and iris had varying colours that deviated from most in Nigeria.

One had a rich red colour and the other had a blue to it.

While awed by the sight of the boy’s eyes, she remarked on the wonderfulness of God and his creation.

She wrote …

“Omo I saw this little boy yesterday night with blue and red eyes. Wonderful God”

Check out reactions …

eloho_007 said: “If this boy was born 100years ago our ancestors would have idolize him, and start worshiping him. Most of the deities we hear about these days were probably normal humans with special looks or abilities.”

thestudentconnectv wrote: “Omo e no cute for my eyes, abi na only me?”

daretiwa stated: “Imagine if he’s handsome with those, eyes”

realogeemmanuel penned: “Heterochromia is when you have 9 differently colored eyes or eyes that 178 have more than one color. Heterochromia affects only 1% of people in the world.”

distinctkidsdictionclub said: “This boy should be taken for an, examination. I’m afraid this mightbe a terrible medical condition.”

Watch video below …