Will assist woman injured in election to leave Nigeria – Nigerian man
Posted by badgeBusayo on 0

One Nigerian man named Oludayo Sookunbi has offered to relocate a woman who was injured on election day to another country. After requesting the woman's contact, he was able to speak to her via video call and promised to move her abroad after the election. The woman had been injured during the election and was just released from the hospital at the time of the video call. Sookunbi tweeted about his conversation with the woman and his plans to help her leave Nigeria, saying, "Remember this woman that was injured on Saturday? I just had a video call with her. She just left the hospital and she is getting better. I will make sure she leaves Nigeria 🇳🇬 after this election."




There were mixed reactions to Sookunbi's offer, with some people praising his kindness and others expressing concern that the woman should stay in Nigeria to enjoy the benefits of her fight for a new Nigeria. One Twitter user, yourlostbf, jokingly requested a video call from Sookunbi as well, while another user, andy_dgr8, expressed concern that the woman's efforts would amount to nothing if she left the country after the election results were declared. Meanwhile, another user, hassykr8, made a humorous comment about being willing to get injured for the same opportunity.

Overall, Oludayo Sookunbi's offer to help the injured woman relocate to another country demonstrates a compassionate response to a difficult situation. Whether or not the woman ultimately chooses to leave Nigeria, it is heartening to see people stepping up to offer support and assistance to those in need.