Wife shocked to find out husband of 19 years is gay
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A Canadian-based lady [/b]has taken to social media to share her anguish online after her husband [/b]of 19 years confessed that he is gay.

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The young woman, who has chosen to remain anonymous, described her shock upon learning that her husband is gay.

She recounted that her world was turned upside down when her husband disclosed that he had known he was gay even before they married 19 years ago.

She expressed deep confusion and hurt over why he chose to enter into a heterosexual marriage.

The revelation reportedly came at a time when her husband expressed his desire to divorce her in order to pursue a relationship with another man.

In her words;

“It was a complete shock so I’m sorry if any of this doesn’t make sense. We will have been married for 19 years next month. We are Canadian and we live in British Columbia. It’s a very liberal and accepting place. Most of my husband’s family isn’t religious and the few who are belong to a crutch church that is accepting. He has a gay cousin who is accepted by the family. 

Same sex marriage was legalized in our province a couple of weeks before him and I met. I understand if he wasn’t ready to be out yet but I don’t understand why he dated and married me knowing that he was not straight. I don’t have any problem with gay people. My husband told me he knew he was gay before he met me. Maybe I’m dense because I never suspected a thing.

 We have an active sex life. I didn’t suspect anything. But he came out now because there is someone else he’s seeing and he said he is divorcing me so he can be with that man. When he told me about the divorce my husband said never found anything about me to be attractive in my looks or otherwise. In Canada fault is not considered by the court and we both have jobs and neither of us wanted kids. I already hired a lawyer who was clear on fault not being considered and the divorce not being complicated for us with no alimony or things to fight over. But I am broken by the things my husband said. He broke my heart.

The worst part of all of is everyone we know including my family is saying how great it is that he came out but not one person has asked how I am doing. I have been forgotten.”

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