Wife discovers husband is having an affair with her former male lover, prompting her distress
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Wife laments as she discovers that her husband is secretly having an affair with her former male lover in the UK.

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The unidentified woman reached out to an influencer via DM seeking advice on how to handle the situation.


According to her, she had previously cheated on her husband with a man she met in the UK after they relocated there.

To her surprise, she recently discovered that her husband was also engaging in secret infidelity.

Upon further investigation, she was shocked to learn that her husband was having a relationship with the same man she had been involved with.

She shared her distress in a message, saying:

“Sir dick, please come to my rescue.

My husband has been in the UK for some time now, I joined him about 5 years ago after our wedding in Nigeria.

We have two kids now. So there is this guy I had a thing with about a year ago, a supposed one-night stand kind of persisted. Last month, I noticed my husband may be cheating on me, so I decided to find out.

To my greatest shock, my husband is fu.c..king the same guy as me.

My husband is Bi! Or even gay. I don’t know what to do, I don’t know if I should confront the guy or my husband with my new-found evidence.

The guy na black UK guy.”

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