When we pulled him out of the rolls Royce, he was still alive – Eye witness gives account of how socialite, Ginimbi died
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An eye witness has given an account of how Zimbabwean socialite, Ginimbi died after his rolls Royce crashed and exploded.

According to the eye witness, Ginimbi was pulled out alive from the Rolls Royce following the crash, but he stayed alive for about 5 minutes before giving up.

The eye witness said;

“The three of us pulled him out, managed to break his door open. We put him down, he was still alive. There’s a girl that was in the passenger seat, she was screaming for help. So we were trying our best to break the seatbelt but we couldn’t. The officer that was trying to help us got burnt on his hand so he had to step back. As soon as he stepped back, after a few minutes, the car exploded. After the exploding, the other three in the car, we couldn’t take them out because of the explosion. Ginimbi was alive at least 5 minutes at Max……”

Watch the video below;

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