Video of little boy's concerning sleeping position at home sparks worry among netizens as it trends online
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A viral video of a little boy sleeping in a tight corner has sparked humor and concern online.

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A mother’s hilarious discovery of her toddler’s unusual sleeping [/b]spot has captured the internet’s attention.

Little boy.

In a viral TikTok video, @arvicarkanji shared the moment she searched for her little boy before bed, only to find him snugly tucked away in a tight corner, fast asleep.

The relieved and amused mother couldn’t help but laugh at the sight, and the video has since delighted netizens, garnering countless views and laughs.

“I went to check on my toddler before I went to bed but I freaked out when I couldn’t find him. That’s toddlers for you right there,” she captioned the video.

Check out reactions that followed …

@baileymae331 said: “That’s not a toddler and he needs a big boy bed! Guess ur one of these moms that doesn’t want their kid to grow up so u treat them like a baby first as long as possible.”

@KlaudiaTran88 said: “One time my 3 yrs old son was missing in his bed. I checked whole house, was about to call cops then I had I opened his closet. He was sleeping inside when I asked what happened, he said it was thunderstorm and he felt safe in closet.”

@Kota wrote: “I did this one time. My mom had a closing shift so my grandparents were watching me. When my mom came home she freaked out when I wasn’t in my room. I was upstairs with my grandparents behind a chair.”

@AmandaD0126 said: “All these comments about crib vs bed, toddler vs grown child and I’m just sitting over here wondering. Did you risk waking him up to move him or just let him sleep there?”

Watch video below …


That’s toddlers for you right there! 🙃 #toddlermom

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