US-based Nigerian professor Uju Anya responded to Nigerian men criticizing her for being a lesbian by saying "Your wives are in my DMs
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US-based Nigerian professor, Uju Anya, responded to Nigerian men who criticize her for being a lesbian and claim that homosexuality is not African. In a tweet, she revealed that many women who slide into her direct messages confess to being closeted lesbians and that some of these women are married and living in major African cities like Lagos, Port Harcourt, and Nairobi. According to her, some of these women sometimes request to be hooked up with a gay partner online. Uju believes that this negates the claim that homosexuality is not African because there are many gays who are hiding their sexuality in Africa.

She further stated that if Africans continue criticizing homosexuality, they will end up building societies filled with lies and misery. She added that the criticism of homosexuality needs to stop so that everyone can live their lives as they choose without fear of persecution. Uju noted that many African wives are trapped in marriages due to societal pressure and family expectations and that some of these women would prefer to be with a partner of the same sex. She also revealed that some of these women are afraid to follow her or like her tweets openly because their husbands follow her and they fear being exposed.

Uju also mentioned that when she does matchmaking threads, the largest group of people who request anonymity are married gay women, followed by married men seeking side chicks. She emphasized that the husbands of these women who attack her for being gay need to understand that their wives are in her DMs every day, and she hears from enough African wives daily to know that the claim that homosexuality is not African is baseless.