Toddler falls during photoshoot
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One viral video has been shared on social media showing a little girl falling to the ground during her birthday photo shoot. The incident was captured on camera and has since gone viral on TikTok. The video shows a female photographer attempting to take pictures of the toddler with the help of the child's mother. The photographer had the toddler stand on a chair and moved backward to take photos. However, as soon as the toddler stood up, she lost her balance and tumbled to the ground.

The video has sparked a lot of humorous reactions from netizens who came across the clip on TikTok. Some commenters joked about the incident, while others sympathized with the little girl. @maryannadorah said, "Abeg i for like see the result不不" and @Otweytwey suggested that the toddler should have done a sitting pose instead. Meanwhile, @Hassan Mariam revealed that the incident made her shout, and @user2548004240504 asked why the toddler was allowed to fall. @Amoke found the incident amusing and said, "It is the yakata fall for me 不不不不," while @Blooms Mom shared that her own baby has also fallen during a photo shoot. @Bridney joked that at least the photographer was able to snap some pictures before the fall.

The video has provided a lighthearted moment for many social media users and serves as a reminder that sometimes things don't go according to plan. Despite the unexpected mishap, the little girl appears to be in good spirits, and the video has brought a smile to many people's faces.

Watch the video of the incident below:

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