The Day became Dark for me, As a lady Narrated how a stranger allegedly assaulted her When she refused to accept a ride from him.
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A beautiful young lady, Narrated how she refused the advances of a man, That led to her embarrassment and fight  that landed her in trouble with the law, as police intervened allegedly took his side.

@naebili said a man in a car offered her a lift but she declined and crossed to the other side of the road to take a bike.

While on the bike, the man’s car overtook the bike and suddenly stopped in front of the bike blocking their way. This move almost caused an accident as the bike man nearly crashed into the car.

She claimed the man then accosted her and said: “How can I be talking to you and you’ll just walk away like that? That’s not how they do things nah. You girls won’t know who you’re talking to, you’ll just be behaving anyhow.”

She said she tried to cross over to the other side of the road but the man grabbed the belt loop of her jean trousers, pulled her back, and slapped her.

In anger, she picked up bricks and threw them at the man’s car.

She said the police arrived at this point and took the man’s side. They took them both to the station, demonized her, then asked her to pay for the man’s broken window.

Fortunately for her, she made a call to a friend and the friend called a senior police officer who came to her rescue.

She concluded the thread, writing: I’m tired of living in Nigeria, I’m tired of being a target, I’m tired of being abused /assaulted, I’m tired of men. I just want all of these things to end. I just want to experience a crumb of freedom. I JUST WANT TO EXIST AS A PERSON AND NOT A MOTHER F**KING PREY.”

After she shared her thread, Twitter users showed her support and some made calls to her.

She later gave an update that a man took up the alleged assault case and her abuser is sleeping in the cell tonight.

Read her tweets below.

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