Tattoo artist gives free tattoo to man with Peter Obi quote tattoo
Posted by badgeBusayo on 0

One tattoo artist in Nigeria has recently made headlines for offering a complimentary tattoo session to a man who got a tattoo of a quote by Peter Obi, a Nigerian politician who ran for president under the Labour Party in the past election but lost to Bola Tinubu as declared by INEC. The man pledged his support for Obi by getting the quote tattooed on his body after the politician made the statement during a press conference addressing Nigerians after the election. The quote, which has become popular among Obi's supporters, reads: "If you must be referred to as your excellency, then the process through which you arrived in the office must be excellent." The act of the tattooed man caught the attention of the tattoo artist, who offered him a free tattoo session as a gesture of appreciation for his support of Obi and admiration for his own craft.