Tapswap indefinitely postpones token allocation, cites reason
Posted by badgeBusayo on 0

TapSwap, a popular tap-to-earn app utilizing TON Blockchain, has announced an indefinite postponement of its token allocation to users.

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The app’s representatives are exploring the best methods to reward participants.

John Robbin, TapSwap’s Head of Communications, revealed this during an X space on Wednesday. He emphasized the importance of finding a balanced approach to benefit all participants.

TapSwap, launched on February 15, 2024, allows users to mine coins by repeatedly tapping an icon on the Telegram bot screen. The simplicity of the process has contributed to its rapid growth and widespread popularity.

The app has quickly gained popularity in Nigeria, boasting over 50 million users. This surge in user numbers reflects the app’s appeal and the growing interest in blockchain-based earning opportunities in the region.

Robbin explained that the token allocation method is still being determined, and the process cannot be disclosed before the allocation. He mentioned that the new date for the token launch is July 1, aiming to ensure that the allocation process is transparent and fair to all users.

“We aim to allocate a significant portion of the tokens to the community to keep the tappers engaged. We are in talks with various exchanges and platforms to ensure a win-win situation for everyone,” said Robbin. His statement underscores the app's commitment to creating a rewarding ecosystem for its users.

He also warned that users exploiting the system would be banned after community checks, urging genuine users to be patient. This measure is intended to maintain the integrity of the platform and ensure that rewards are distributed fairly.

Regarding the mining process, Robbin stated, “Open the app and start tapping to earn shares. More taps and upgrades result in more shares when we finalize the tokens.” This straightforward approach is designed to encourage user participation and enhance engagement.

The booster option, which allowed users to double their earnings, has ended. This feature was introduced to manage the influx of new users and ensure fair allocation at TGE (Token Generation Event).

Robbin noted, “We introduced this feature due to the influx of new users to ensure fair allocation at TGE. The funds generated will be used to enhance the game and support our 25 staff members working to maintain the app.” This revenue model supports the ongoing development and sustainability of the platform.

Robbin encouraged more people to join the app, noting that there is still time to earn a substantial number of tokens. He highlighted the ongoing opportunities for new users to become part of the TapSwap community.