Singer Chairo shares how a mother revived her deceased daughter at a hospital
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What is the story about the Gospel singer Takalani Chairo shared on Instagram?

Takalani Chairo, a Gospel singer, shared a story on Instagram about how a mother brought her dead daughter back to life at a hospital. 

According to her post, Chairo went to the hospital after her son complained of a heartache. While at the hospital, a woman brought her dead daughter to the hospital and started screaming in pain. Doctors confirmed the girl's death, but instead of accepting the report, the mother started praying fervently and loudly. Chairo joined her in praying for the girl, and after praying for over 90 minutes, the girl jerked back to life, to the amazement of everyone at the hospital. Chairo recommends Jesus, saying that she witnessed a miracle, and the power of prayer is real.


Sharing a photo with her son, Takalani wrote,

“This was taken today at 04:00am. This guy was struggling to sleep and said his heart was hurting he wants a dr. I try to avoid the hospital thing because well I know my son. But ok I end up going there, even though I wanted to turn back because he then slept while we were on our way. But I ended up at casualty.

What was to happen in the next 2hours no one ever prepared me😭😭.

2 hours later a woman comes in screaming frantically, like that cry that cuts deep😭, with a dead daughter (7/8 years old) . My heart instantly broke into pieces, thinking about the pain this woman is probably in.

The Drs come out and confirm to the mother that her daughter is indeed DEAD😭 She let out another deafening scream. But a few seconds later she broke into serious loud prayer, everyone in that casualty could hear.

“Lord remember me!, Lord remember me! It’s me your servant, I have served you faithfully Lord, you are not a man that you can lie“ 😭

At that point I ask myself, why am I just seating here in tears, I join the prayer! She starts praying in tongues, I join her !

1.5 hours later the Drs come back, she sees them and asks “Is she alive“ ? , the answer 😭😭😭😭😭😭 Yesss we are finding her a bed in ICU.

Shooo, She let’s put another scream thanking God and shouting Jesus You are faithful ! 😭 .. She didn’t go and check, she spent another 1 hour still praying and thanking God🙏🏿

I recommend Jesus. In fact I highly recommend Jesus 🙏🏿 .

For the mere fact that I witnessed a miracle – the dead coming back to life? , if my own two eyes🙌🙌. The power of prayer !

I know there’s a 1% chance that woman will see this , but yooooo she changed my life – I’ll never forget this day!”

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