Priest shames churchgoer for hiring a prostitute on video
Posted by badgeBusayo on 0

The video of Pastor Chris Okafor accusing a member of his congregation of taking a prostitute to his house the night before and also accusing him of not believing in God has gone viral. 

“The man denied the accusations and pleaded with the pastor not to say such things in public. People have been reacting to the video, with some criticizing the pastor's behavior and others expressing support for him. However, some commenters have questioned the appropriateness of the pastor's actions and the use of prophecy in such a manner.

Reacting to the video, @tony.frank_ said: “Prophesy suppose bring edification not this kind dramatization”.

@goodiescakes_creams wrote: “Is that what God is showing him? that he fornicated the night before coming to his church; his God couldn’t show him the mans’ sorrows and misfortune? The so called pastor that slept with a woman that wasn’t his wife, has he confessed about himself. Wizards and marine possessed men can Prophecy but it will be Accusations and without direction!”

@usendollar commented: “I like this man alot his reaction is so calm ! I have a strong feeling he will win and I also dreamed Peter obi won court case and he’s now our president! If you believe they will win type Amen.”

@wisdomcounsellin said: “Where in scripture was prophecy used like this, even when Jesus met the woman by the well he didn’t behave this way. Respectfully.”

@9ja.cruiseblog wrote: “Pastor why you do my man this kind thing Naa, Him say him no believe in your God no mean say o make you convince am to believe with this kind prophecy naa ….. {na e be tins ohh!! Na man dey do man walai”.

@ojerehighstar stated: “Na only knack dey give person joy right now”.

Watch the video below: