POS vendor accosted by angry Nigerians over N4K charges on N10K cash withdrawal
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A group of angry Nigerians confront a POS vendor for requesting N4K charges on N10K cash withdrawal amidst scarcity of new Naira notes.

The Naira note scarcity continues following the redesign of Nigeria’s currency by the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN). A video making the rounds on social media captured the moment a POS point was scattered over exorbitant charges.

The customers accused the POS vendor of being unnecessarily greedy and extorting her fellow Nigerians. She, however, argued that the charges decision was an order from her boss.

Her workspace was scattered as the obviously livid Nigerians blamed her and her boss for being part of the country’s problem.

Watch the video below …

See Nigerian's reaction, on the POS charges;

@khris2pher noted,

“I know say the country no good oh, but let’s try to help ourselves abeg. What’s this ffs?”

@AramideBillion wrote,

“Those of you justifying this nonsense. I hope you’re aware Emefiele instructed that they be arrested by EFCC/ICPC? This is a criminal act, and we will find you thieves.”

@Moaxis_Beard added,

“They should go to the nearest atm na .. you think it’s easy to see cash this days.. but that 4K charges too much ooo 🙆‍♂️.”

@kingolud4th wrote,

“Nigerians like to cashout from unfortunate events.”

@macheteros wrote,

“This one sef go complain say na bcos dem buy the note na why. But did you buy the notes 3800 for 10k sef? Haba! And she sef dey complain of Buhari say she want good government. Is alright.”

@babashinaayomi2 wrote,

“Na wetin go end am laslas be this.,this is serious exploitation.,even if you got the money from graveyard doesn’t mean the charges should be that high.”

@excelsioricarus wrote,

“Yes she’s overcharging but you are not being forced to patronize her, why do Nigerians feel so entitled to everything, after destroying her shop will you get money? Or you plan to rob her as well.”