Pharmacist claims her husband wouldn't stand a chance if she had to choose a partner again
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Naa Nhyirabea Armooh declares being naive when marrying someone like her husband while buttressing values she would have considered.

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During an episode of Home Affairs on Joy 99.7 FM, the hosts tabled a discussion on What Do Women Want In A Man?

Speaking about her marriage, the pharmacist revealed that if she could go back in time, her husband would not stand had a chance.

Armooh stated that over the years, she has learnt more about marriage [/b]and would have wished for her husband to be closer to God than he is.

“With hindsight, when I chose my husband, I was very naive. I keep telling my husband, if you had come to propose to me now, you wouldn’t stand a chance. I didn’t know the journey I was going on; when I was choosing, I chose my then-then, someone who would accept me as I am; someone who would encourage me to be me.

“But going on the journey, I have come to realize that the biggest deal for me would’ve been someone who has found God. How kind are you? How patient are you? How not envious are you? I would list them and ask you to score at least 85%,” she stated partly.

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