Pastor's wife is upset about women making lustful comments on her husband's photo, and questions the generation's lack of discretion
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Laju Iren, the wife of a Nigerian clergyman, [Pastor Emmanuel Iren], expressed her displeasure with women leaving suggestive comments under her husband's photo on Instagram. In the post, Laju shared a photo of her husband, who is the lead pastor of Celebration Church International (CCI), and revealed how much she misses him while he is on a mission trip. She captioned the photo, "I miss you, my lover. Come home soon 😭. See as you fine like 2 million people."
However, some ladies left comments under the post with suggestive remarks about her husband, which infuriated Laju. As a result, she took to Twitter to warn ladies to respect her boundaries and stop leaving such comments under her husband's or any married man's post.
In a series of tweets, Laju expressed her concern over the lack of discretion among some women in this generation. She emphasized the importance of having boundaries and using common sense when leaving comments on social media.
She also highlighted the issue of Christian girls making inappropriate comments on posts about their fathers, which she believes is a reflection of a larger problem. Laju stressed the importance of having boundaries and being respectful of others' marriages, even if the comments were made in jest.
Laju expressed her gratitude for being married to a good man and for having a secure marriage. However, as a pastor's wife, she felt it was her responsibility to speak out on this issue and encourage women to reassess themselves. She warned that people without boundaries easily cross lines because they have none, and that it says a lot about the kind of person you are.
In conclusion, Laju urged women to be mindful of the comments they leave on social media and to show respect for others' marriages. She emphasized the importance of having boundaries and being discreet in one's actions and words, using the book of Proverbs as a guide for common sense.