“Obi Cubana received those gifts because he is rich, not because he is a good person” — Dr Penking opines
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A Nigerian medical doctor, Penking has opined that Obi Cubana didn’t receive over 200 cows and other gifts from his friends because he is a good person but because he is rich.

Cubana, who is hosting his mum’s funeral in Oba, Anambra State, this weekend, is currently the talk-of-town because of the massive display of wealth by his friends. He has also received gifts worth millions of naira from his friends.

In reaction to this, netizens opined that Cubana is being honored by his friends because he has a good heart and helps people.

However, Dr Penking has countered this notion as he states that people give gifts to rich people so as to be in their good books and not necessarily because they are good people.

He added that a poor person can never receive that much gifts from people regardless of how good he is. He went on to advise people to focus on getting rich.

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