OAP exposes street beggar who rented a baby to beg with
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Popular media personality, Yolanda N George-David, better known as Aunt Landa, has exposed a street beggar who allegedly rented a baby to beg with.

Aunt Landa alleged that she once saw the woman begging with her children, took them to a rehab center to rehabilitate them, only to see the woman again on the streets with another child.

The On-air personality noted that When she challenged the beggar to ask her where she got another child from, the woman ran off with the baby.

The humanitarian has now pleaded with Nigerians to stop giving women with babies money, to discourage them from renting babies to beg with.

In her words,

“Some people have sworn to be very unproductive and outright Lazy…@uchennaji see She now rents a baby to beg on the street… because we took her kids in to rehabilitate…

“This just happened at 9:26 pm… Please please please please please can you guys stop giving women with Babies money…it is worse than the global pandemic… I am begging you… no child should be used as a tool to beg alms…

“Oh mhen…..I need to get better… Next year..by God’s grace… we would face this monster head on…… As for those threatening me… to mind my business… I know that I am not Nigerian O… but as long as I am in this town… I would keep getting these kids off the streets …

“Do you know how many of these girls and boys are abused Sexually…I am too mad..for words..”

Watch video below,

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