Nurse ordered to iron scrubs on first day
Posted by badgeBusayo on 0

One nurse has taken to Twitter to narrate how she was ordered by a Chief Nursing Officer (CNO) to iron her scrubs on her very first day at work.

She shared that she had just resumed at a new ward and was sitting down when a nurse came in and introduced herself as the CNO. The CNO then ordered her to iron her scrubs, to which she was confused and asked why she had to do it. The CNO responded by asking her why she was shocked and proceeded to tell her that she had to do worse things when she was a new nurse.

The nurse went on to narrate how she felt about the ordeal and the fact that she had no choice but to iron the scrubs. She expressed her disappointment and questioned why she should iron the CNO's scrubs when they both held the same license and it was not stated in her resumption letter that she was there to iron the CNO's scrubs.

Despite her reservations, she ironed the scrubs but was pained by the experience. She went on to share that the CNO even asked her to re-iron the scrubs because she did not iron them well, which made her explode with frustration.

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