Nigerian woman visiting boyfriend discovers traumatic fetish box in his wardrobe
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A Nigerian lady has recently shared a distressing experience she had when she discovered fetish items inside her boyfriend's house. In a video that was posted online, the lady, whose identity remains undisclosed, recounted how she stumbled upon these items in a safe that was situated on top of her boyfriend's wardrobe.

According to her narration, she became compelled to search every corner of his house while he was away, checking his wardrobe and even under his bed, but found nothing suspicious. It was then that she felt an inexplicable urge to inspect the safe on top of the wardrobe, as if guided by a spiritual force. Eventually, the spirit urged her to break open the safe, leading her to call a furniture professional to make a new box to replace it. The boyfriend had previously informed her that he used the safe to store his money.

To her shock and horror, when she opened the safe, she discovered an alarming sight. The contents included a sinister object intricately tied with red cloth, a folded picture of her with her name written on the front, and her underwear used to secure a sum of N1000. Overwhelmed by the disturbing discovery, she recorded a video to document the evidence.

The video quickly gained attention on social media platforms, with numerous individuals advising the lady to end the relationship immediately. Users expressed concern and offered advice, with some commenting on the dangers of getting involved with individuals of unknown sources of income, and others urging her to seek spiritual guidance and protection from potential harm.

thefoodnetworknig2 commented: "These ritualists are easy to spot, but some people still choose to date men who flaunt their wealth without any traceable means of income. Sorrowful indeed, my dear! May your prayers protect you!"

iameniolamyde said: "To all the honest hustlers out there, may your endeavors eventually bear fruit."

sarah.khese reacted: "Dear, drop your phone, retrieve your underwear and picture, and run for safety. Seek refuge at the Mountain of Fire and Miracles Ministry, where you can pray until you receive confirmation that the yoke has been broken. Crying won't change anything."

_sharon.xx commented: "Oh dear, you've been dating a couple of ritualists! A ritualist couple indeed."

Watch the video below: